Brandywine Forge Stainless Steel Shutter Hardware

Whether you are looking for hurricane hardware for an oceanside property,or just want a forever maintenance free exterior; stainless steel is the unsurpassed option.

Brandywine Forge’s latest offering – substantial, historically accurate shutter hardware in high grade, domestically produced 304 grade stainless steel.  Based on our tried and true line of shutter hardware, our stainless offerings carry the same proven weight of material that has served historic homes through centuries of use. 

While others sell only a narrow selection of imported stainless hardware, we offer the most comprehensive line of stainless steel shutter hardware available today.  Since we make all of our hardware in our Pennsylvania blacksmith shop, custom hardware is not a problem.   We’re a professional production shop.  If your needs exceed our inventory, we have the capacity and experience to provide timely delivery - we’re always months faster than that ship from China you’ve heard about….

Oceanfront Florida home with large custom bi-fold shutters

We make the hardware that makes your shutters work…  Brandywine stainless shutter hardware is always fitted to your installation.  We understand shutters and hardware better than anyone else, and work with home owners and builders to provide the best hardware solution for any installation situation… a clean, simple and functional solution is always our goal.

Functional shutters rely on pintles to attach them to the structure while hinges provide the swinging action from shutters open to closed.  Shutter dogs, stays, or tiebacks are used to hold the shutters in the open position and keep them from banging in the wind.  Shutter locks are the most important hardware element on functional shutters… if the shutters don’t lock in the closed position, they don’t work.

Heavy Stainless Shutter Strap Hinges

Strap hinges are the oldest and most commonly used shutter and door hinges. Strap hinges have been in continuous use from Roman times through the present because they carry heavy loads well, are simple to install and last just about forever.

Brandywine Forge heavy duty stainless steel strap hinges are made of 3/16” thick domestically produced 304 grade stainless steel.  Our standard hinges come in 1-½” and 2” wide for longer hinges.  Strap hinges are sized to accept our standard ½” diameter pintle pins and can be made in any length and offset.

Strap hinges are generally sized to span from one half to two thirds the width of the shutter. Our hinge lengths measure that portion of the hinge which actually sits on the shutter when installed (from the offset bend to the end).  We show our most popular stainless steel strap hinges patterns with other styles available as custom.  Since we make stainless hardware to order; any length, hole placement or offset can be had.

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SS 700 Tapered Strap Hinge

Tapered profile, no hand texturing. 1700's-today

SS 705 Storm Strap Hinge

Plain, functional, affordable strap hinges. Very early, very common.

Heavy Stainless Shutter Pintles

Our goal is to provide functional hardware that is easy to install. Pintles are the key to an easy installation that works with your construction. Too often I've seen beautiful moldings that have been butchered to accept cheap hardware, or old brickwork cracked and spalled by bad pintle placement and design. That's a lot of time, effort, and money spent only to challenge the integrity of the structure or compromise new window warranties.

Selecting that pintle which works most easily is the primary consideration in planning any shutter installation.

Pintle and shutter hardware selection can be confusing, please call us early in the process – before you order or build your shutters.  We can help you save time, money, compromise, and aggravation with a little up-front planning.

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Standard finish semi-gloss black e-coat.  Some images are of bare stainless steel, others show e-coat finish.

SS 302 Plate Pintle

A very common early form, probably most commonly used.

SS 303 Narrow Plate

One inch width lets this pintle fit on narrow mounting surfaces.

SS 304

A Brandywine exclusive, specialty pintle to move pivot point to side of pintle.

SS 305 Jamb Pintle

Mortises to the window frame, acts like door hinge.

SS 306 Lag Screw Pintle

The screw shank is 1/2" dia. Strong, clean piece looks old when installed.

Heavy Notched Stainless Shutter Hinges & Pintles

The best hardware for installing shutters on brick or masonry

Our “notched” hinge and pintle combination is an historic favorite.  Originally manufactured post-Civil War through early 1900’s, it is still an attractive hardware set.  We recommend notched hardware for masonry construction.  The notched stainless pintle is scaled to provide sturdy anchors holes well removed from the corners of the window.  The hinge and pintle are notched at their meeting point.  The result is a nice straight-line profile, the pintle lies unseen behind the open shutters.

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Stainless Steel lift-off Shutter Hinges

We offer this historic “Parliament” lift-off hinges.  They may be used on the sides of the windows to hang swinging pairs of shutters, used to join two shutters to bi-fold, or installed at the top of the window to produce the classic “Bermuda Shutter” installation.

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All Brandywine Stainless steel hinges and pintles are provided with appropriate stainless fasteners with an e-coat finish to match the hardware.

Stainless Steel Shutter Dogs

Shutter Dogs, stays, or shutter tiebacks, are used to hold the shutters in the open position.  A stainless steel lag screw is our standard fastener, but we have other mounting options available in stainless steel.

Choice of shutter dogs is purely a matter of personal taste.  As with all Brandywine shutter hardware, we manufacture our stainless steel shutter dogs (and heavy stainless steel hooks) in our historic Pennsylvania blacksmith shop.

All the patterns shown here are Brandywine originals, others have copied our work and names, but the only American made originals come from our forge.  Many other patterns can be made in stainless – see our mild steel shutter dogs for inspiration.

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Stainless Hand Forged Belmont™ Dog

Stainless Dolphin Dog

Stainless Floral “S”

Stainless Steel Shutter Hook

Stainless steel shutter hooks.  Used to hold the shutters open. Good choice for holding Bermuda style shutters in the open position.  Forged from heavy 3/8” round 304 stock.


Stainless Steel Shutter Locks and Rings

More than any other environment, seaside locations demand locking shutters to fend off ocean bred storms and provide relief from scorching sun.We designed our #SS620 barrel bolt to withstand hurricane winds.  It is a heavy bolt with 5/8” diameter section that can be securely locked and will not disengage when the winds blow for days on end.  I’ve seen heavy shutters that beat themselves to pieces during a winter nor-easter in the Hamptons… too small shutter lock failed.  A customer reported that a traditional 610 shutter lock rattled its way loose after 20 straight hours of gale to hurricane winds in Texas.  So an attractive lockable shutter bolt seemed worth pursuing. More

Stainless Steel Shutter Lock

Traditional shutter bolt crafted from 304 Grade domestic stainless steel.  The bolt is 1/4" x 3/4"rectangular, the discoloration reflects heating & forging lock bar end. More

Stainless Steel Shutter Bolt

Brandywine’s new “lollypop” barrel bolt.  Solid stainless steel barrel bolt has the heft to secure shutters in a heavy blow.   Yep, that handle looks like a lollypop to me… but feels good in hand. More











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