About Us

Brandywine Forge is about American blacksmiths.  The spirit of blacksmithing is aptly captured in Longfellow’s Village Blacksmith, written in 1845.  Read it and understand our goal:

An Honest Product at a Fair Wage

Blacksmiths have long been recognized for their integrity, it’s a hallmark of the trade.  Maintaining that integrity comes easily to the people at Brandywine Forge, we like our work, we take pride in our products, we work hard to provide good value in every purchase from us.

Decades of studying and reproducing early hardware have taught much.  The old boys worked hard and they worked smart.  The hardware makers of yore weren’t artists, they were providing functional affordable goods.  Whenever they could improve production they did.  We’ve tracked the improvements in historic fabrication, incorporated them in our shop and introduced historic and contemporary machinery wherever appropriate.  That makes us Production Blacksmiths - we make it right, we make it fast.  We work for a fair wage – it’s the right thing to do.

Our fair prices are a reflection of productivity and integrity

The pricing on hardware on the internet is all over the ballpark.  For whatever reason, you’ll find hardware that’s similar to but far more expensive than our offerings.  Rest assured that the quality of our products meets, and typically exceeds, the competition.

Some images coming soon:

  • The craftsmen and their work
  • The Blacksmith Shop
  • The old blacksmith who grew up on the Brandywine Creek
  • American industry