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A very nice home owned by a very nice lady.  The gates are card and magnetic treadle activated. We do many arched hinges, curving up and down.  Very tight fit on narrow top rail, we require a template

It’s often hard to get images of our installed hardware, people say they will then forget.  But it’s nice when they do. Here’s a pair of DIY gates designed and built by a dentist to close off a small entrance way.  He has every right to be proud.

And sometimes we blacksmiths are humbled by true artisans.  These very professional images knocked me back when they showed up in email.  Every inch of this space has been planned, designed and executed to a level of balance and emotional impact that is beyond me.

I was thrilled to see the artist chose our simplest gate hardware – with full purpose – and integrated it into his wonderful composition.  Guess we hit on traditional Japanese form - simple, better, balanced. 

On the door to the left, I immediately zoomed in on the excellent original to see details of that second element on the left of the door above the lock – not ours - The carpenter saw what he needed, so he made it.  And it brought balanced asymmetry to the door.  Turns out it’s a door stop, spanning over onto the mounting post.  As you close the gate the stop hits the post and keeps it from swinging past the locking position.  Much easier to engage the sliding lock.  As I zoomed in, I saw the same “balanced but different” composition in the open wood frames at the top of the door.  The horizontal pieces are cropped on opposite ends.  No mistake that the same detail carries over to the visually stronger gate hardware.

On the double doors, vertical “brandywine barrel bolts” were used to lock one door as stationary; a horizontal bolt on the second door locks into its keeper on the stationary panel.

It is an honor that someone capable of imagining and commissioning such a product would select our hardware and that it worked so comfortably.

My favorite farm gate.

The Peter Wentz homestead barnyard gate.  I love how the two gates counterbalance on the single post.
Original forged iron hinges stand sturdy over time and compliment the aged wood with it’s collection of lichens and moss.

The gate latches and locks are of wood, as are many of the barn’s interior door hinges and slide bolts.

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Installed Brandywine Shutter Hardware

Coastal Stainless Steel hardware

A private oceanfront home in Naples, FL. A very significant project with large, functional shutters hung with Brandywine stainless hardware.  Many of the shutters are bi-folds to cover the extra-wide windows.  A challenging application, but we do many bi-folds and can make most shutter installations functional This is the Fort Jefferson lighthouse at the dry Tortugas National Park – 60 miles (?) west of Key West.  Built during the civil war, today Fort Jefferson serves as a beautiful historic/recreational retreat.  Oh, and the lighthouse still marks the reef in the middle of the ocean – oh, and our stainless hardware secures its shutters.

This contemporary construction residence in Panama City, Florida is fitted with Brandywine Stainless shutter hardware.

The home won the 2016 Paladio award presented by Traditional Building Magazine for homes 25K sq ft and

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Installed Brandywine Shutter Hardware

Historic Charleston, South Carolina

Brandywine shutter hardware has been specified and used on many historic restorations in Charleston, SC.

A local South Carolina shutter maker used our hardware when replacing shutters and hardware on the Historic Charleston Foundation building.  I had no details on the project and was pleased and surprised to find our hardware on that structure.

Charleston is probably my favorite walking town.  Beautiful structures, steeped in unique local character.

We’ve provided the exterior hardware for a number of structures belonging to the College of Charleston.  They work hand in hand with the Historic Charleston Preservation Society to insure the most historically accurate facades on their restorations.

Here are two adjacent early homes on George street that were rehabbed as offices for the college.  The one above with blue shutters is uniquely Charleston with the narrow end facing the street and the “front door” opening onto the porch.  The pretty yellow house is more traditional, its long dimension facing the street.

One of the structures with which we were involved was a 19th century coffin factory – re-purposed as the college’s physical plant and maintenance building.  There were never shutters on the structure, so we had to develop a functional hardware plan as Charleston bears the brunt of many ocean storms.  Our #705 “storm hinges” – with masonry mount pintles – were used across the project.  Brandywine 620 barrel bolts provided the visual heft as well as the mass of material required for secure locking.  The notched hinges and pintle provide a straight-line installation, when the shutters are open they cover the pintles and can’t be seen, the shutters lay an inch off the wall – a very tidy look.

Brandywine shutter hardware on another classic grand Charleston home.  The elegant street entrance opens onto the lower level porch.  The front door of the home is centered on its depth relative to the street frontage.
We matched surviving dogs, our custom hinges mated with original pintles.

The project won the 2015 “Carolopolis Award” – presented by Preservation Society of Charleston

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Installed Brandywine Shutter Hardware

Customer DIY Shutter Projects

A homeowner from Texas called saying he was building functional shutters for their home in the storm prone area south of Dallas and had some hardware questions.  He was making batten style shutters from 6” cedar he’d bought at a big box and needed to install them onto a brick home.  The brick install approach was soon settled, then his questions got a little trickier.  Seems he had several situations he wanted to address, he was a quick study (turns out he was an engineer) and ordered the hardware I recommended.
A while later he sent me his pictures – wow!

Beautifully made cedar shutters stained gunstock with a lot of coats of urethane – and Brandywine Hardware.

Here is a bayed window, with the shutters installed; view from the inside is unobstructed.  Plenty of things going on here: the down spout leaves little room for open shutters to lay against the wall - on the double-width center window no provision was made for shutters, just a single row of bricks adjacent to the window opening.  You have to look at the open shutters then above to the right where they’re closed and battened down to realize how clever this solution was.  The most unique and creative solution using bi-fold shutters I’ve ever seen - the wood-working engineer designed and installed the hardware application himself.

The open shutters show little hardware, with no real hint that they can close.

The closed windows show how the pieces fit together and work.  The smaller window to the right is fitted with a single bi-fold shutter – it doubles back on itself to fit into the little wall space left by the down spout.  The bolts are positioned to be locked from the outside while standing on the ground.  An extra bolt spanning the bi-fold seam holds all in place when the big winds come.
The center window has two bifolds, one hung on each side.  Each shutter opens to an angle of about 45*, with the “loose” end of the shutter fastened adjacent to the single window with a simple hook.

Very clever, very clean, very secure
Below, a little whimsy – to the right a single window with two shutters, closed.  The hinges sit behind the open shutters, the bolts as well since they lock from the outside.  So the home owner chose very nice side-mount shutter dogs since they’re the one hardware element prominent on the open shutters.  Due to their midpoint location side-mounted dogs dissipate and lessen wind stresses.

Gallery > Shutters & Hardware

Brandywine strap hinges on a beautiful upgrade to an early New England barn

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